Sliding Door Security: How To Guarantee Protection For Homes With Glass Sliding Doors?

By William I. Neil

Houses owning glass sliding doors are said to be more prone to certain attacks from various intruders. Typical doors are made safe with the help of chains, latches, deadbolts and any other security measures but this can never be of great help when it comes to glass sliding doors. Because of this, sliding door security for glass doors has become a major concern for most people. True, sliding glass doors are commonly used by commercial and residential buildings as these doors offer a more elegant appeal as compared to other types of doors but security has become a major problem in this. Security for glass sliding doors has become a major issue for the longest time since these doors are difficult to secure in a typical manner. Using glass doors without the perfect security measures presents several opportunities for burglars and thieves to enter a house easily.

For homeowners who have glass sliding doors, sliding door security gadgets are being presented to them to guarantee their protection against harmful intruders. Security bars may be among the viable options when it comes to this. These security bars are composed of rod-like devices that have hinges shaped in V at one end then attached to the doorknob. These bars are also composed of two ends. The first end is basically attached to the frame of the glass sliding door with the use of screws. The other end is left hanging because it is supposedly used to meet the floor. Security bars are in need to be raised as well until it achieves a perfect fit in the glass door. Such will guarantee that any outsider or harmful intruders would not be able to easily open the door. Placing wooden dowel on the base track also prove to be effective in making sure that the glass sliding door is held secure. This runs between the door’s frame and the glass door, itself. Although a track grip appears to be small, it also serves the purpose of ensuring that the glass door is safe from intruders. One can use a latch, a thumbscrew or a key in holding the track grip in its place along the track.


Despite the fact that those sliding door security measures are proven to be useful and effective for glass sliding doors, it is still important to know one vital fact about glass doors. It is the fact that a glass door can actually be lifted from its track. Because of this, hardware stores offer some options for those who want to solve the problem of the door being lifted. These options are characterized by anti-lift products that you can buy in any hardware. Among these anti-lift products are security pins which extend along the frames of the glass door. Another product would be screw heads which should be installed at the upmost portion of a glass door frame in order to prevent it from being lifted. One may also try to substitute ordinary glass with tempered or laminated glass. Doing and finding these products only require a person to take a little effort. Ensuring a person’s safety by getting his glass sliding door secured is actually inexpensive. In fact, one can access the materials needed for it in the market. Because of this, there is no reason for everyone to defer in finding solutions for his own security.

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