Quality Wholesale Fashion Jewelry


You want to stock your shelves with the latest adornments to give customers the best choices. Customers who shop in your store want a wide selection of quality pieces at affordable prices. Accommodate your most discerning shoppers with beautiful gems for all occasions.

Buying in Quantity Saves You Money

When you purchase your wholesale fashion jewelry from a reputable company, you will receive quality choices in many categories. Your customers enjoy a large variety of choices including earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings just for starters. By also stocking items like brooches, anklets and body chains, your business will appeal to a wider audience.


Encourage local brides, their wedding party, friends and family to shop for matching jewelry and accessories for that special day. Even the young ones in the family can benefit from shopping too. There are many types of jeweled head bands and young sparkling accessories they will find exciting to shop for. Root for your favorite team or person with fun sports themed pieces. Finding matching pieces to accompany your customer’s favorite team shirt or hat will add to the party when the game comes on.

There are endless choices in style to appeal to all of your shoppers. Teens, fashion savvy ladies entering the work force who want to look their best, and every age in between, all will want to purchase your selections when you carry a large variety. Make sure to choose pieces from all pricing levels. There will always be people looking to save, but you will have plenty of customers looking to pay the right price for a quality treasure. Buying in bulk makes this all possible.

Don’t forget the men. Not only will you entertain plenty of male shoppers looking for the perfect gift for their significant other, many men wear a wide variety of styles. By stocking a generous selection for your male customers as well, you will be able to truly offer something for everyone.

Purchasing in Bulk Increases Your Profits

Doing business with a company that sells wholesale fashion jewelry can bring you incredible savings in price per unit and for shipping. Shipping discounts can increase with the more items your purchase and over a certain price, the shipping is often free. Repeat orders can often earn you bonuses, free products or even larger discounts on future orders. All of these incentives can maximize your earning potential.

Don’t forget about seasonal items. When the holidays come around, all year long, your customers are always seeking out unique and fun pieces to add to their festivities. They will appreciate you carrying specialty items that stand out from the usual choices.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

As a regular buyer of wholesale fashion jewelry, you’ll enjoy the many rewards of buying quality items this way. Be sure to check for a return policy, so you can inspect your purchase and ensure your customers are getting the best. If the occasional defect appears, a reputable supplier will be sure to cheerfully exchange your purchase. They want you to keep your items in stock and ready for sale.