The Advantages Of Considering Chicago Rhinoplasty Surgery


While most cosmetic procedures fall under improvements in appearance only, there are a few procedures that can also offer medical benefits, such as Chicago rhinoplasty surgery. It is considered both a cosmetic and corrective surgical procedure because it can help the appearance of your nose, but can also offer medical advantages, as well.

Breathe Better

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If you sometimes have trouble breathing, you’ve likely tried the myriad of products out there designed to help you breathe a little easier. Breathing problems are becoming a common complaint from a lot of adults, whether mild or severe. Not being able to breathe right can be scary and annoying, but Chicago rhinoplasty for a deviated septum could be helpful.

Improved Sleep

Sleep is the key to feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for your day. However, most adults don’t get the recommended amount of shut-eye each night. While some may have insomnia, many others deal with medical issues, such as sleep apnea, which blocks or closes the airways while you sleep. This, in turn, keeps you from reaching REM sleep and can lead to you feeling tired and crabby the next day. Likewise, sleep apnea can also cause other health problems. While other options for treatment are available, a surgical procedure on the nose can also help.

Feel Better/Appearance

While this surgical procedure can work toward fixing some health and medical problems, it will also help you look and feel better. Being more confident can lead to a better social and professional life, as well as make you feel good about the way you look.

Chicago rhinoplasty surgery is an excellent option to consider if you’re having medical problems or want to correct the shape/look of your nose. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery now to learn more. Like us on our facebook page.

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Maintenance After Undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery}

Submitted by: Larry Lim

Lasik eye surgery presents a permanent solution to common vision problems, most notably nearsightedness. The procedure is a simple and safe one that has been perfected over the two decades or so since its introduction, and side effects are rare. However, there are some simple precautions that eye surgeons recommend for patients who have recently undergone Lasik eye surgery.

+ Immediately After Lasik Surgery

Patients should avoid showering and washing their hair for a day after their Lasik surgery. Exercise should be avoided for two days afterward, and the goggles which are provided after the surgery should be worn when sleeping for the first three nights after the completion of the procedure. It is important to avoid eye makeup and to be careful not to get soap, shampoo, conditioner or even tap water into the eyes for at least a week after the operation. Hair coloring and perms should be avoided for at least ten days afterward. Most importantly, patients must avoid rubbing their eyes for at least a week after their Lasik procedures.

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+ Longer Term Precautions

Sunglasses should be worn whenever possible on bright days for the first year after the surgery. This prevents scarring that can be caused by bright sunlight. Once patients return to sports and other strenuous activity after the procedure, eye protection is recommended for at least one month following the first return to activity.

+ Follow-up Care

Most eye surgeons provide patients with an after-surgery appointment the day after the procedure. A follow-up appointment is usually available after the first week. This is followed with what is usually a final appointment six to eight weeks after the initial surgery. Patients should contact their surgeons immediately in the event of any bleeding or discomfort after the operation, as well as in the event of any visual difficulty at any time afterward. Complications of Lasik surgery are rare and can often be reversed easily so long as they are attended to promptly and professionally.

Lasik surgery is basically a safe and reliable procedure. The precautions that should be taken after the surgery, combined with proper follow-up care from a practitioner with experience and training in Lasik surgery, will ensure the success and safety of the operation as the patient returns to fully or almost-fully normal vision. Once the eyes have fully healed and adjusted to the surgery, there is no need for any further post-operational care or any restriction on any activities whatsoever.

Lasik has improved appearance and quality of life for thousands of patients, but as with any surgical procedure there are some risks and precautions to be taken. Candidates for Lasik surgery should contact an experienced surgeon at a reputable Lasik surgery clinic to discuss whether the procedure is right for them. Those looking to undergo the procedure are advised to be mindful that not everyone is a suitable candidate for this type of surgery and it is best to be well informed before attempting to free yourself from your vision problems.

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