3 Simple Joint Venture Errors To Watch For

Submitted by: Raulys Gallegos

The feats of joint venture deals are legendary in the IM world, and it is true they can be massively profitable. If the businesses involved have it all together, it is very possible to achieve incredible sales and profits in a very short period of time. There are many aspects of joint ventures that appeal to everybody, but not everyone is in a good position to participate in them. If you want your next, or first, deal to be successful, then continue reading to learn about three joint venture mistakes that are to be avoided. Should you be searching for a way into the extremely lucrative mcommerce market where you use mobile phone devices to market to possible customers you owe it to your self to take a look at what Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan have produced inside the Local Mobile Monopoly training course for superior details.

Avoid getting so excited that you mail the entire list before doing certain things, first. You should perform a test mail that will make sure everything is ok, plus you really should perform optimization testing.

What you want to do is as much conversion optimization as possible and reasonable. We recommend that you keep the test mailings as small as possible but can still yield accurate results. Testing is one of those things that is extremely important, but still most people fail to do it.


You will find your conversions are higher when your customers have multiple ways to pay. Said another way, during a JV deal you want to put as many different ordering options out there as you can.

If you have at least two common and recognized payment methods available, then that should be enough. You never want to do anything that will cause your conversions to decrease, and testing is the best way to prevent that. You must do what you have to do in the way of selecting a provider for taking payments that works best for your business. You can find well established payment processors who are reputable and will do a good job.

Finally, not targeting buyers is another huge mistake. Quite honestly, if you are setting up a joint venture, would it be a smart move to give your partner a list of buyers? Prospects will continue to be potential customers because they don’t have a bond with you. Once someone has made a purchase from you, it is probably a good chance that they will purchase again. Be certain that you target buyers and not prospects if you want to gain the most from your joint venture. You will really get more responses in this manner.

All in all, this article shows that joint venture marketing is a strategy that will always be around. It is the simplest way to use your partner’s assets to your advantage. In order to get the best joint venture over time, you must really practice and understand what you are doing over period time. The secret to being successful is acting consistently. So use the tips that were discussed in this article and do not make costly errors that will harm you for a long time. Remember, the success of your online business depends on your consistency; don’t lose it.

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