Antique Auto Insurance: Grundy Worldwide

By Nick Vernon

When searching for antique auto insurance, it is important you understand what you are getting. This specialty insurance also comes with many restrictions and can sometimes interfere with what you would like to accomplish while owning an antique automobile. To most, an antique automobile is something they enjoy viewing, working on and restoring it to its original condition. These people typically only take their car out when it is necessary to keep up on its maintenance. There are however, those people that like to take there car out for a spin every now and again and would typically be breaking the mileage rule on a typical antique auto insurance policy. So what do you do about that? Below is a company that understands different antique owners needs and has done everything it can to accommodate them.

Grundy Worldwide:

Grundy is a company that deals with antique car owners worldwide, just as their name states. When it comes to antique automobile insurance coverage, Grundy Worldwide is a leader in its industry. Here are a few key points that makes Grundy Worldwide really stand out from the crowd.

– Grundy deals with agreed value. This is very important to check into to when looking for antique auto insurance. There are some insurers that will just take the book value for your car, even if you put in thousands more.


– No matter what year your antique car is, you will be covered by Grundy.

– Grundy offers higher liability limits. Many insurers will over low liability limits that might leave you a target for being sued if a major accident were to occur.

– When you sign a new policy, you automatically receive coverage, not wait times.

– A big perk of this company is unlimited mileage. As explained before, there are antique car owners that enjoy using their car.

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It is imperative that you go with a well known company when looking to insure your antique automobile. When determining if it is a good company to do business with, check the following facts. Make sure they are reputable with customer service. If a company does not have good customer service, how do you think they will handle it if you had to make a claim on your insurance? Most companies are searchable through the internet. Here, you can find the good the bad and the ugly about a company. Hopefully you will only find good. If you happen to find a bad review of the company, identify why. Maybe the person is out of line or unrealistic, or maybe they have a concern that would not even pertain to you. Do not down a company just on one bad review. Give them a fighting chance. If you do, however, find many bad reviews, it is best to stay away from that company. Another good idea is to make sure the insurance company you are looking to insure through accepts appraised value. Otherwise, they will only give book value.

In addition, get a policy that you can meet the requirements to. Insurance fraud is a huge punishable crime. Do not be the one to get beneath its wrath. There are insurance companies out there that can accommodate your needs. If you break the terms, your policy will become void. This means you will be in a hole with no way out.

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